Monday, June 4, 2012

Hampton's Roses

My "Hampton's Rose" quilt is completed and I am proud as to how it turned out.  It was more involved than my other quilts but was well worth it.  This one took me over a month to make.

When I first get an idea, I either grab a pencil and my notebook, where I keep my graft paper or to my lap top.  Then I start to draw and design what I want and make a rough graft.

When I decide what design I want, I draw my patterns for my applique.

I dug into my stash and hunted for the colors that I wanted for my roses.  It was almost a given that I was going with reds and pinks.  I decided to throw in some yellow  roses for variation and a blue vase to add a little pizzazz.  Using  lite, Steam a seam II, I started cutting out my pieces and arranging them onto the blocks.

That took time but was a lot of fun arranging everything as to where I wanted them.  Of course, I did not go exactly as I drew my picture, but that is ok, that is me.  I pressed them on and they are ready to applique.

As I made each block, I also embroidered on the flowers to set them off.  This I could do on my porch swing and enjoy the birds, butterflies, etc. at the same time.


I made a total of 5 bouquet blocks, and 4 each of the wreath and floating roses.  I squared them all to a 10 ½ inch squares.

Next I made my stepping stone blocks.  I picked matching fabric with just a little print.  I made 12, all measuring 10 ½ inches square. 

Next, was to work on the boarder.  I wanted to be different, so went back to drawing and came up with this:

Again, after appliquéing them on, I embroidered each flower and bud to match the quilt and to make them look more real.

The rest was easy, sewed them all together and quilted them on my machine.  I outlined all the appliqué including the boarder.  I quilted a ring of feathers in the stepping stone blocks.  Then hand sewn my binding on. 

Here is my Hampton Rose:

Total size is:   67” X 67”

Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you and tell me what you think of my "Hampton's Rose".  

Off to my next project............



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Peter @ QuilttemplatesM said...

An absolutely beautiful quilt, you should be proud!

Teresa said...

Oh Jane, that is absolutely stunning! You're right that the embroidery makes the flowers come alive. I love your colour combinations. You are very talented.

sewyouquilt2 said...

wow is that gorgeous!
love it

Tricia said...

WOW .... Just WOW!!!!
And It only took you a month to make it!! I LOVE applique & I would LOVE to make your BEAUTIFUL Quilt!! Though I'm sure it would take me a bit longer than a month to do in.

Sincerely, Tricia

Karen said...

This is a really nice design. Love the colors.