Friday, March 9, 2012

Scrap Basket Garden Topper

Look, I made something different this time. Not being too much for Folk flowers (that’s what they remind me of)  I usually draw flowers that look more real.  But I seen this topper a long time ago and it stuck with me.  So I decided to make it.

Back into my stash I went and dug out these fabrics.

First things first, now that I have my fabric, I drew what I wanted on graft paper.  Not remembering the exact size that I seen, I made it the size that I wanted.  I then cut out all the pieces for my blocks and appliqué.  I like to cut everything out before I start sewing.

Next was to make my appliqué block.  First I put my boarder on my white 10 1/2" square.  Then I centered them where I liked them best and machine appliquéd everything on.  

Next, I made all the rest of the blocks, referring to my drawing to make sure I sewed them together the way I wanted.

After I was finished making my blocks, I laid them all out to see how it would look and to make sure I would sew them all together the way I wanted them.  After sewing all the pieces together, I machine quilted it in an all over random pattern, plus quilted inside the leaves and around the flower centers.

The binding was then sewn on,  Total size is  34 ½” X 34 ½”   I am sure it will look good on any table and can be used all year long.

I am not back in my room making my next project.


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