Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sunflower Cafe

Fall is coming, cooler weather is coming and it won't be long that we will be seeing the leaves all turn those beautiful Autumn colors.  My mother's birthday is in the Fall, it is also her favorite time of year.  So I decided to make her a Fall table topper for her Dining Room Table.

Right now I have so much I am doing and thinking of,  I decided to go through some of my old magazines and glanced at some of the work others did to get an idea.  I found this in Quilters World, Aug. 2008.  I thought it looked so neat that I decided to make it.  I did change it a little, including the size of the topper so it would fit her table.

Back to my stash.  I still have some Sunflower material left over, and thought it would go good for a boarder due to its large print.  I made 2 inch squares for the background of two different off white materials.  Then I went into my files and used my own sunflower pattern.

Then I made Prairie Points on the top and bottom.  Since I used 2 inch squares, I needed 4 for each side.  When they were sewed on.  I added my boarders.  Then machine quilted using a grid pattern.  The topper completed size is:  20" X 40"

I dug into my button box (I am one that collects all buttons, never know when you might need one.)  and found enough black buttons for my mothers topper, plus a lot more, that is when I decided, hay, why not make a wall hanging for myself.  She does not have room for the wall hanging, and I already have a fall table topper.  So it worked out perfect.    After the buttons were on, I added eyes on the Chick-a-dees, painted the petals on the Sunflower and embroidered on the large leaves.

OK, time to make my wall hanging.  I did it just like the topper, used my patterns and added the Prairie Points, machine quilted in a grid pattern, then added the black buttons,put eyes on the Chick-a-dees,  painted on the Sunflowers and embroidered the leaves.  The wall hanging completed size ended up:  26" X 32"

Well, so much for my Sunflower material.  It is all used up, all but a 4" X 5" scrap.  I lucked out and had enough.  So now I must ether get more or use smaller fall prints that I already have.  Or do I start .......... Christmas............

hmmmm, back to the drawing board to find the next project.

Happy Quilting to all, Have a Great Day!

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Elaine said...

This is a very cute table topper. I always like sunflowers and applique.