Monday, September 12, 2011


Did you know that the Kaleidoscope quilt pattern first came out in 1885?  That's right, this pattern was taken from a quilt made in PA in 1885.  The colors used on that first quilt were Yellow and Blue.

I have finally finished my second Kaleidoscope quilt.  I had the top done for a month but was having problems with my long arm machine.  Well, that is all fixed, knock on wood, and doing good.

The finished size of this quilt is 73" X 73" and is made of different shades of Browns with Dark Burgundy.

According to the dictionary:

KALEIDOSCOPE    -    An instrument containing little bits of colored glass, plastic, etc. reflected by mirrors so that various symmetrical patterns appear when the tube is held to the eye and rotated.  Anything that constantly changes, as in color and patterns.

The Kaleidoscope tube was invented in 1816 by Scottish Physicist, Sir David Brewster.  This device did not reach the American shores until 1818.

There are many variations to this quilt.  The 8 piece block is more of a modern version.  This is a very easy pattern to piece and one of the most versatile in any collection.  A muted monochromatic color scheme will produce a subtle elegant quilt while at the other end a scrap quilt will give you a constantly shifting design, full of movements and excitement.

My first Kaleidoscope was made of blue and white.  Its completed size is:   72" X 72".   I love the way you can look at it from a distance and see all different shapes, but yet up close looks so different.  Have some fun, and make one of all different colors,  I bet one made in assorted  Bali colors would be interesting!

Happy Quilting..........Have a Great Day!

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