Thursday, September 22, 2011

Giveaway coming soon

I will be having a giveaway real soon....I think it is going to be exciting!  I am giving away a  My Memory Suite digital software program.  Everyone can enjoy this program and have fun with it.  It takes your pictures and lets you show them off ANY way you want. You can make   Special Scrapbooks, Calendars, Cards, Journals,   oh, and yes,   Quilts....Memory Quilts!  From small wall hangings to large Bed size to show a period of time in someones life, quilt pillows, totes, the list just goes on and on!

Oh, and don't forget, journals, yes, I am working on that one myself.  To put a picture of your quilt, date, size, etc.  What a way to set it off!

(I will have a pocket at the bottom for extra material, and pattern.)

You can  make your pages anyway you want, add pizzazz, or just keep plain.

There are so many things to make and do with this program.  It is soooo user friendly, and there are so many different textured backgrounds and templates that come with it.  And you can get many more on their site.  Wow, just think of what you can make and do.  So check my site  Jane's Quilting and find out exactly when the giveaway will start and how long it will run.

Can't wait for my next blog..........   Till Then....

Happy Quilting.

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