Friday, September 16, 2011

Mickey Mouse

Quilts and Disney - Time to Unite!

I have been working the last few days on making a "Mickey Mouse" Quilt.

Let me explain....A family member of ours has been going to Disney World in Florida since she was a little girl.  Now she is married with a family and not only still going to Disney World but helps make Magical Memories for others by planning their Disney Vacations.

The other day she asked me if I ever made a Disney quilt.  I thought about it and remembered years ago I made a quilt for my youngest Grandson on this favorite movie at that time.  "CARS".  

I found some "Car" fabric and designed this layout.  (It was made when I fist started quilting with my machine)

With the left over fabric, I made a scrappy back, then machine quilted in the ditch, I made it completely machine washable.  For a 4 year old (at that time) it has to be washable.

This week I made a "Mickey Mouse" Quilt.  I used my Embroidery Machine and made 6 different Disney Characters:

Daisy and Daffy duck



Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Goofy and Pluto

Then I picked material from my stash that would match my thread used in the Embroiderer.  I designed my blocks and cut my material out.

I decided to go with 12 inch blocks and have the 6 characters in a circle with Mickey and Minnie dancing in the center block. I wanted to show the center block off more.

I sewed all my blocks together and  pressed carefully.    
 Then put them on my quilt frame and machine quilted
it in a semi-large stipple pattern all over.  When finished,
I made a binding of the same color as the last boarder
and had hand sewn the binding on.

Finished size is 74 1/2" X 74 1/2".  This quilt is for sale and listed on my site.

I am hoping that Jen likes my quilt....If not, guess I will have to make another.  You know, Disney World is a great place to go for a vacation.  It is a place everyone of all ages would enjoy and have a lot of fun.  Who wouldn't want to break away form the same everyday routine to make their own Disney Memories and have some fun with no worries......SOOOOO.... Let Jenny make your Magical Memories come true.  Make memories that will live forever in your heart with you and your family.

Jen works for a legitimate Company certified with CLIA called "Fairytale Journeys".   She works out of her house as an outside Travel Agent.  (independent contractor)  She specializes in creating memorable Disney vacations.

Jen loves working with her clients to plan their Disney vacation and she works very hard personalizing her clients vacation and goes above and beyond for them. One of the benefits of working at home. She stays with you from start to finish, always there for you.


Please,  visit her site, check it out....and don't forget, there are many Quilt shops in Orlando.  Make your next quilt a Memory Quilt of your Disney Vacation.

Happy Quilting, and Have a Great Day.

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