Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Come on In

It looks like the Ghosts are having a party tonight......

I wanted to make something fun and different this past weekend.  So I decided to go with a Halloween theme. I was thinking of making a silhouette of a haunted house scene but wanted to add a little color.  This idea would be perfect for Bali material.  So I picked these to start with:

Then I drew a haunted house with a Ghost coming out the upstairs window and one opening the front door for their friend coming up the sidewalk.  I cut out my applique and decided how big I wanted to make the full wall hanging.

I sewed the sky and the grass together to make the house look like it will be up on a hill.  Then arranged my applique onto it.  I put the tree along the boarder and added a fence.  The full moon was placed just off to the side a little with bats flying around.  And of course, I had to have a witch flying on her broomstick.

When I got all the applique where I wanted, they got press and machine stitched all around the raw edges with the blanket stitch and invisible thread.  Put my boarder on, layered and pinned.  I then machine quilted echoing all around the appliques and in the ditch in the boarder.  Then put a binding on using the same material as the boarder.  This was also sewed on by machine using invisible thread.  I finished by painting eyes on my Ghosts with black dimensional fabric paint, to make them stand out more.

The finished size is22" X 25".  I added a sleeve on the back and it is ready to hang for Halloween.

Next......I started a new quilt, wait till you see it.       Hope everyone has a Great Day!

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