Friday, August 12, 2011

Circle of Sunflowers

As all quilters, I have a notebook of all the previous quilt projects that I have completed and another for project and ideas that I would like to make.  But as I got that notebook out to get an idea as to what I wanted to make next, I thought of what time of year it was and how all the Sunflowers are in full bloom in so many gardens.  The Sunflowers are the last flowers of the growing season.  Many birds, including the Cardinals, are just waiting for their seeds.

So, I came up with this:

I wanted to bring this picture of the garden into our home.  At this point, I had so many ideas I didn't even stop to design anything on paper.  I just dug into my stash and came up with the material I wanted to use.

 Next I started drawing Sunflowers and Leaves on my Steam-A-Seam, pressed them onto my material and  started cutting them out.  I made 5 flowers and 15 leaves.

Then, laying out the pieces on a table, I started arranging them.   I put the applique Sunflowers in a circle, looked good to me.  I wanted the center to be lighter than the outside, but also did not want the material to take away from the Sunflowers.  The off white center and tan outside seemed to work good.  After I placed the flowers where I wanted I sewed all around the raw edges using the blanket stitch and monofilament thread on my machine.  Then I layered, machine quilted and put the boarder on.  I always like a dark boarder, so brown seemed to set it off.  The finished size is:  19 1/2" X 19 1/2".

I think it looks good on the table.  Isn't it fun to decorate your home with different themes for the seasons?  I think it gives your place that  warm"Homey" feeling.

OK, off to get another idea..........Hope everyone has a "Great Day"!

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