Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The other day I decided to do something different.  I made coasters with Holiday applique on them.  I am VERY allergic to Wool, so I decided to make them out of Cotton fabric.  they are actually very easy to make.

First you need to know what applique you would like.  (You can do most anything you can think of)  Then dig into your scraps.  (That is the best part, finding the right material you want to use)  You will need 2  -  5 inch circles.  One for the tip and one for the bottom.  Then cur a 5 inch circle of batting.  Right now I am making some for Halloween, Fall theme and Christmas.  Here are a few ideas that you could use.....

Next layer your two circles by placing them right sides together.  Then place the batting on the bottom of your circles.  Sew 1/4 inch all around leaving 1 inch open to turn right side out.
Then Press.  The opening  gets hand sewn shut.

Pick your applique, the sky is the limit..  You can even cut out a print from a favorite piece of material (See my Sunflowers).

Cut and place on your top circle, I use Steam-A-Seam II.  Then press in place and machine sew along the raw edges.

                                     WAALAA  COASTERS!!!

I made quite a few for my tables (for drinks, candles, etc.)  You can embellish them any way you would like, paint, crayon, etc.  Just remember that what ever you do, they may have something HOT placed on them.

I hope I was of some help and that you enjoyed my little project.  It is a good way to use up your scraps and make cute little gifts.

Anyone that may be interested in patterns, please let me know.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a Great Day.

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