Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Paducah National Quilt Museum

Last week our Quilt Guild went on an excursion!  Oh, what fun we had.

First stop was at a nearby shop called "Back Yard Fabrics" in Mayfield Kentucky.  They had beautiful fabrics.  

Dana, the owner, had cute quilts hung all over.  If you didn't get ideas there... Well, something is wrong!!

Another adorable Christmas Quilt.

From there we headed to the National Quilt Museum in Oaducah, Kentucky.

I am sure most everyone heard of this museum.  

We were all excited to see inside and to check out all the quilts.

I was disappointed in one thing only.  They would not let anyone take any pictures.  In fact, they were insisting you turn your phone off.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love taking pictures, expicially quilts!!!

I managed to survive without my phone.  I was mesmerized by all the quilts.  They were amazing.  I never seen such beautiful workmanship.  And the little mini quilts just blew me away!  I would recommend a trip to Paducah to all quilters.  

Well, all I can say is,  I was so in "Ahhh" that I forgot all about taking pictures after we left and stopped at Hancock's in Paducah, lol.    😄

(sad but true, I'm sorry)

Ok, back to my room...
Lots going on in there.


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