Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My NEW Shelves

As most of you know, my dear husband has built on a room to the back of our house for my long arm machine.  The outside is now completely done and he is on the down hill side with the inside.

Inside, the bath is completely finished. The drywall in the room itself was put up this past week and he is now smutching the drywall, preparing it for paint.  I am getting so excited,

After the painting, the moulding and trim goes up, then the floors.  And....you guessed it, it will be ready for my machine and decorations.

Now I have a table, lots of wall hangings, but I needed shelves to hold my books, clock, toy machine, pictures of my grandsons, etc.

Well, I decided to make one!

Here is my clock.....

My daughter-in-law says that I have the clock set for wine time, lol.

Pictures of my Grandsons, David, 10 and Daniel 12.  Oh, and our baby, Tamo.

I made my shelves 8 inches high.  For books, I did some Applique, some I wrote on, some were ribbons that were on Fat Quarters when I purchased them but most of them are the written part of a salvage edge of my fabric stash.

I added my Toy Singer, a jar of buttons, a pincushion, clock, and I had to put my cat on.  (She is always with me)

Here are my grandsons, aren't they handsome?
I also added my scissors, markers, flowers, oh, and my antique iron.
I quilted each shelf with straight lines and, or a grid pattern

Total size is:  
26 1/2"  X  38 1/2"

I got the idea to make shelves from some quilts I seen online.  I seen shelves for libraries, and even picture quilts (which would be a great idea).  I only ever seen bed size though, and also never any that used the salvage edge for books.  I had to put my own twist on it, and make it mine.

OK, I got lots of other ideas and things I want to make for in my new room.  So off I go....will show you later.....