Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Story and Winner Announced

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE…. Are you all ready for the little ghosts and goblins coming to your house tonight for candy?  We all know they are all ready and can’t wait to get started.  So get your candy ready here they come…

                                        Trick or Treaters - Boardwalk

I want to give a special thanks to Wendy at “Why Knot Kwilt” and Madame Samm, for they both did such a terrific job in hosting this hop.  I have been really busy here since I posted and they really kept me up to date with all the other blogs and what was happening.  I enjoy going and reading all the other blogs for you can really learn a lot. 

                                        puppy saying thank you

I wanted to tell you about my son, his friends and Halloween.  He is never afraid to try anything and is always out for a good time.  So one year he and his friends decided to get a float together and enter the Jack Frost parade in Hamburg, PA. 

These kids are pure “Country”.    Is what they did was decorate their float for Halloween, and recorded a few country songs by singing Karaoke.   But when they did, they sang them with a very strong Pennsylvania, Dutch accent.  Then dressed as Amish and called themselves the “Dutchy Duo and the Boogie Woogie Buggy Boys”.  Believe me....they really looked the part!

The first year they did this, it went over really big.  Everyone had soooo much fun.    The girls (one which is now our sons fiancé) dressed in cow costumes.  They had pounds of candy and passed them out to all the children along the route. 

The next year they did a lot better but some had other things to do at the same time.  The band got a little smaller and they lost their drummer at the last minute.  Our son had a great idea, he called his aunt.  Sure enough, she did not let him down and was in the parade that year.  

The next two years were the best.  They all got together and even  had the correct costumes, the boys were now out of school and most grew their own beards.  They were all set!  Why they even got a new drummer.  Our oldest grandson.

They did great! They sang and danced to their songs.  Why they even danced with some of the watchers.  The girls, when not dancing,  passed out candy to the children along the route (until they ran out.  WOW, to tell a little one you ran out of candy, now that is hard for them.)    They won the prize at Hamburg and lucky for them there was a scout there from the “Mummer’s Parade”.  This is one of the large parades out of Philadelphia. They were asked  to enter on New Years day.  They sure did and won second place in their division.  What an experience for all of them.

We were very fortunate, for all but one parade, my husband pulled the float and I took the movies.  They also gave me the important task of pushing play on their recorder, hahaha.

Memories…..make lots of them with your children, you will never regret it!

OK, enough of that…I know that you are all wondering who the winner of my stack of Connecting thread fabric is.  It is time to go to   I had        comments (entries).

It gave me number      17  ...........   MOOSE STASH QUILTING                  


                                               Winners were chosen randomly

I will be sending you an e-mail shortly to verify your winnings.   
I do hope everyone is making memories tonight……

                                        Happy Halloween!   


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Aunt Vi said...

That was so cute I remember so well all the fun we the back up drummer n was so proud to be part of the band. still laughing !!!!!

evelyn said...

Great story! Congrats to the winner. How cute is that squirrel!

Calicojoan said...

Oh Thank you Thank you!! I am just delighted. Love your story about the parade. I bet they had a great time. OMG that squirrel... is that just the funniest thing ever!! You can only wonder what was going thru his (or her) mind!

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

Hi Jane,
Your halloweenstory ist fantastic,thanks for sharing.
I didn't had the time to visit yor blog until now, your blocks are really wicked, great work! I'd just signed in to follow your blog.
Liebe Grüsse
Bente in Germany
I like to QuiltBlog

Lynette said...

Bahaha!!! I love the squirrel pics, and what great fun with the Amish Halloween theme :D