Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Paper Pieced Ghost Block

I must admit this was a big challenge for me.  I only ever made 1 paper pieced block before.  So this was going to be my second time.  No Problem....Right??

The first block I ever did went good. I had no problems, actually had fun making it.   So why would this one give me any problems??

Now, I have a problem with following a specific pattern - I always have to add something of my own to it or just simply draw my own.  So why couldn't I draw my own this time?

   (Boy was that a Mistake!!)

Well, I did - I drew this simple (so I thought it was) block.

It will end up a 10 1/2" block. So next I colored it in so I knew where to put what colors when I sewed it.

So far so good....but now I had to draw the lines as to where to sew it all together.  I bet I worked on this for hours, trying to figure out where and how.  (It sure would have been easier if I knew more about paper piecing.)   After a day of staring and erased lines everywhere.  I came up with this idea:  

I found that dividing it into sections was the easiest.    The first section is the center.  The bottom of the house, tombstones and  the upper section of the ghost.  (hardest is over...YEAH)  (To get my pattern, copy and paste to your PC and use dimensions mentioned on pattern.)

Then I sewed my moon and roof top. When they were completed, I sewed them fast to my first section.

Next I sewed my tree together.    PHEW... I am getting there.  

I added this to the side of the house and am now ready to put the last section on.  So I sewed the bottom of the ghost together.

I added this to the bottom, aligning my seams carefully.  After all this I don't want to goof it up now.   

Well, here is my block:

Total finished size is 10 1/2"

Now when I did mine - I goofed and didn't have enough green for the last piece.  Unfortunately, I didn't even have enough to rip and re-do it.  So I just added a little piece to the bottom corner.  Whew!  I can't believe this was so much trouble.

I must confess that by the time I finished by block, I had lines everywhere in my pattern.  So I re-drew it for this blog.  If you  copy and paste the pattern, make sure you enlarge it to the size given on each piece,  hopefully you will not have any problems.  If you do, let me know and I will e-mail it to you.

After all the problems I had with this, I had to try to make another, but with a pattern.  I had to prove to myself that it really isn't hard.   So I made 2 witches and 2 pumpkin blocks.  Each measured 4 1/2" square.

These went really easy after that other block.  So, I added them to a plain center to make a table topper for our Dining Room table.  I quilted it in a grid pattern and in the ditch in the rest.  

The reason I made the middle so plain....My husband made me this beautiful Granite Lazy Susan for on top of it.  Let me show you.  

I do not know yet how I am going to finish my Ghost block.  I am certainly am not giving up on paper piecing, just making my own blocks for now.  Gee, I think I will make some of the other Halloween paper piece blocks that I have seen.  I do want to thank Soma from "Whims and Fancies" for all her help and support.  She pushed me beyond what I thought I could do.  Thank you for that.  

Everyone, Please go to her site at:   Whims and Fancies   Check out the schedule, for each day this month you will see a new Halloween pieced blocks.  I know you will not want to miss a one.  

ALSO,  Coming up "Something Wicked is Coming this Way"   Blog Hop.  It will start on October 22, and run through October 31.  You will not want to miss this one either.  

                                         Wicked Blog Hop

Till then:


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Carin said...

Thank you, this is a fun block !!
Love your tablerunner

Rosa said...

Great designer.Love your runner.

Have a fun day!

Barb said...

What a fantastic block but looked so complicated. Love how it turned out.

Your table runner is adorable.

sew.darn.quilt said...

You did a great job despite all the erasing and redoing. Your's is a very spooktacular pp block.
I've wanted to try pp my own pattern as well but have no clue where to start. :)

Judith said...

Great pattern and the table runner is spooky enough. It turned out great! Thanks for sharing...Judith, Texas

Kimi said...

Your block came out great! I had the worst time as well with figuring out the lines for my block. It seemed so much easier when they're already drawn in for us :D

Sally said...

looks great! Very doable (I'm impressed) Can you email a copy of the pattern--I'm having trouble getting it the right size and wasting ink and paper!

Anonymous said...

Cute pattern! I love it! I'm not even half way done with the patterns yet... So many blocks, so little time!

Soma @ said...

You did great, Jane! Great block! I love your table runner too :)

Janet said...
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Janet said...

Thank you so much for the pattern! Love the tombstones in the background. This has been a fun blog hop so far. It must be my Mac but I can't get the patterns downloaded. You mentioned you could email it to us. If you have time, I would appreciate it. Thanks again!

Quilt Doodle Designs said...

Your block turned out lovely. I love it, a fun spooky block for Halloween! I also think your little witch and pumpkin are adorable! Thank you for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your block! Will you please send me an email with the link? Thanks so much. Like your table runner also. I'm thinking of making placemats for my grandchildren!!

LethargicLass said...

I'm just catching up now... love your block and your runner is super cute :)

Theresa said...

Wow you did a wonderfully wicked job with your block, it looks fantastic. I like your small blocks too, they look great on the runner.

Amy said...

I love the little witches! Cute table runner and ghost block!

Thearica said...

Your paper pieced blocks looks great to me.. a lot better than I would have done, that is for certain!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Your ghost block looks great! The table runner is perfect with the granite piece sitting on it....cute witches!

Claw said...

Why haven't you gave us the nice witch block. I absolutely love it!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This is a wonderful block!