Friday, November 4, 2011

Pin Cushions and Scissor Holders

This week was a busy week for us. So instead of a big project, I have been making Stocking Stuffers for Christmas.  One which was making small Pin Cushions and Scissor holders to match.

They were so easy to make.  I started by digging into my scraps and pulling out about 5 or 6 different pieces of fabric that matched.

Then I drew a 4 3/4 inch square on my foundation paper and made lines where I wanted my different fabric to be to make it look scrappy.

Next I sewed the fabric all together.  I cut a backing (a 4  3/4 inch square also).  With the right sides together, I sewed all around but about an inch to turn around.  Then turned and stuffed with little scrap pieces of batting that I had.  (I do not throw Anything away...never know when you can use it)  Then with a slip stitch, I sewed the opening shut, found a matching button and sewed it in the middle pulling it through the whole pin cushion.  (I used a piece of yarn as thread to sew on the button)

Next, I made my matching Scissor Holder.   I started by drawing a heart, (fairly large but not too big) this was going to be my scissor holder.  I then drew lines so I knew where I wanted each piece of material to make it look scrappy.  Then traced it on my foundation paper.

I sewed my fabric on, then cut a piece of plain material and thin batting using the same heart pattern.  I layered them with the right sides of the top and bottom together and the batting on the outside.  Then using a blanket stitch, I sewed around the top only.  Turned it around and matched the two open sides down to the tip and again used the blanket stitch to sew them together.  Then folded the flap down and added a matching button for decoration.

I think they turned out pretty cute.  So, I made some with just one piece of material.   I quilted the material in a 1/2 inch grid.  Then layered, did my blind stitch and put my button on.  Every Crafter uses scissors and most carries them with them piratically everywhere they go.

With the Holidays approaching  -  What better time of year to made all kinds of neat little things and pass them along to others.

Happy Quilting................Have a Great Day!

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Diane Swett said...

I just love your ideas - they would make great gifts for my quilting buddies - thanks for sharing