Friday, September 9, 2016

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

Designing quilts is my passion.  I love coming up with new ideas.  Drawing my blocks, making my patterns and putting it all together on paper.  Then picking out my fabrics, sewing it and making it all come together and seeing the finished product.

What helps me think....chocolate!!  🍫
(Can't be helped, being from Hershey, PA, plus working in the plant)

Well, here is one I designed and shared with my quilt Guild last year.  Each month I gave new patterns for blocks.  

Three of the blocks were Paper Pieced.

There was even an appliqued block.

These are pictures of my blocks.  I had found fat quarters in my stash that I decided to use.

(My husband says the fabric reminded him of the 70's, lol.  That is where it got its name Hot Fun in the Summertime"

There was a total of 23 blocks.

One was even the Drunkards Path, using the curve piecing technique.

Six of the blocks were 8 inches.

There was a total of nine 5 1/2 inch blocks,

Plus two 4 inch blocks set together.

And three 12 inch blocks.

I did make three of the blocks odd sizes.

The odd size blocks was the applique, and paper pieced blocks.

Those sizes were:
1  at 8 inches X 6 inches
1  at 8 inches X 10 1/2 inches
1  at 8 inches X 12 1/2 inches

There is also a 1 inch sashing around each block and a 1 1/2 inch outer boarder.

 The last month, I brought in the last two blocks plus the directions to put them all together.

And here is my quilt...

Total size is:
38 1/2" X 45"
Now, in my directions, I did include measurments for additional boarders.

(Anyone interested in this pattern, please let me know)

My motto has always been...

Creating the Perfect Marriage between Fabric and Thread

OK, back to my room I go, never know what I will come up with next.


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DeAnna said...

Nice quilt. You did a great job designing it. My curiosity was peeked seeing the blocks and waiting for the reveal. Great fabric choices.