Saturday, March 5, 2016

Another T-Shirt Quilt

I want to appoligize for not posting for so long.  A lot has been happening here at our house.   Including a  lot of distractions.  My husband is putting an addition onto the back of our house for my long arm quilter.  (I am so excited.)

It will also have a well needed second bathroom in it.

Unfortunately,  my husband had to have arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder.  They had to re-attach his Rotor Cuff, mend his muscle and attach it with some screws, and scrape arthritis off the bone.  So he will be out of commission for quite a while.   :(   I feel so bad or him.  He was never one to sit around.  I am just so glad he is doing better and will be free of pain when he heals.  I know he will finish when he is better.  He has all kind of ideas for me.

Meanwhile I have been making flannel quilts for Christmas presents.   (Will share them all come December for I don't want to spoil the suprise for anyone.)

I got a challenge though a few weeks back.   A woman that lives down the road from us called and wanted to know if I could make her granddaughter a T-Shirt quilt for her  graduation.  I said sure and she brought them to me.

Unfortunately,  she cut some of the shirts to just the logo.  I explained that the shirts she cut were of different sizes and one of them was cut too close to the logo and the seam will hide some of it. She understood and said to do what I could.   I studied this for a long time.  She did not want sashing.   So after quite a bit of thought, I cut the rest of the shirts and came up with this...

I made 3 rows that were 15 inches wide and one row 12 inches wide.  I squared her cut shirts and also used some of the smaller logo's on the front of the shirts as filler, smaller blocks.  Then I took the scraps (backing of shirts) and made a 3 inch boarder.

She wanted an all over stipple pattern and not sew over the logos on the shirts, except for the ones that were too large.  I put a little stitching in those so they would not puff up.

Here it is, finished:

I also  added a small logo that was on a pocket of one shirt, to the bottom corner boarder.

She had one T-Shirt that had hand prints on.  I did not have the heart to cut into any of the hands.  So I incorporated that shirt to the back.  It was put more to the one side than centered.  I learned her granddaughter wants some of her friends to sign it.  

The back:

This morning I put the label on and called her to tell her it was finished.
She was all excited and said she would be right over.
This is the time I get nervous.   I am always afraid that the person who I make a quilt for will not like it.  
AHH, but she did!  Now she said she has a problem and that was keeping it from her granddaughter until graduation.
(She said she can't wait)

So now, for me, I am on to my next project.....



DeAnna said...

Yay on getting a room for the Long Arm! It's going to be great and I hope your hubby recovers soon...that's such an intense procedure with quite a recovery. The T-shirt quilt is awesome...great job thinking that through. I love the layout and the hand prints on the back.

Nancy said...

Do hope your husband makes great progress on recovery.
The T-shirt quilt is great. I have made some that have various size blocks and they turn out very nicely. I have actually used the backs of the T-shirts for the backing of the quilts and those are nice...heavy, but nice.
Can't wait to see the flannel quilts in a few months.