Thursday, July 30, 2015

Busy Month, I Can't Wait! is almost August already.  What are you doing?

I myself have been very busy.  Between the garden, freezing vegetables, and dealing with this heat and humidity.  I did manage to find these adorable prints.

I wanted something fresh and summery.  So I made this quilt using 2 different block patterns.

We also have been getting a lot of company thus summer.  This past weekend we were surprised by our daughter and her husband.

She got a new Harley this past spring and wanted to ride it down to show us all. 

We are also adding a large addition onto our house in the back.  (I an so proud to say.) My husband is making me a special room for my long arm.  It is presently set up into one if our spare bedrooms but I could not expand it fully.  I can't wait till it is finished.  Not only will we get our spare room back but I will have a large area for my machine.   :)

(In the far corner is also adding a well needed half bath.)  I can't wait to start decorating.

And creating a lot more.

Yesterday, we disassembled my machine and stored it into our bedroom, then pushed the frame to the one side of the room.  Then set up a mattress and table with a  TV.

Today we are headed for Nashville to the airport.  Our 2 grandsons are flying in from the state of Washington to stay with us for the month.

Going to be a GREAT month!


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Carol S. said...

I love that quilt you created...beautiful! Lucky you to get your own big room for your long arm. Very fun! Looks like you're definitely having a great summer!