Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas is coming, Let's party!

This week our Quilt Guild had our Christmas dinner.  We were so lucky to have Linda DeBoard's open up her lovely home to us.  Thank you Linda!

Each of us brought a covered dish plus a dessert.  We had so much food and it was all so good.  

After we all stuffed ourselves, had at least 2 desserts, we all gathered to her living room.  Each of us brought a "Dirty Santa" give to exchange. 

For those who don't know what a "Dirty Santa" gift is....we limit ours to $ 15.00 and must be quilt related.  We put all the present in one place the sit around them.  We then each pick a number.   Going in rotation, the person with number 1 picks a gift first, opens it and shows everyone.  Then you keep it for all to see throughout the game.   Continue in order, number 2, then 3, then 4,  etc.  

Now, each person takes a turn choosing which gift they want but if they wish, they could choose yours.  If that hapoens, you get to pick another.  Either one that is wrapped, or someone elses.  This goes on till you finally get to the end.  With lots of laughs, you do finally get to the end.

Some go round and round.  Now we play that the gift can only exchange hands 3 times.  After the third time, that person gets to keeps it.  No one can take it after that.

After everyone has chosen and all is done....then it goes back to number 1.  Since she started she had to take one wrapped and never got to choose someone elses.  So now she goes again.  She has the choice to keep what she got or swap with another.  

I say swap because, well the game must stop sometime, and it is called "Dirty Santa"

After we opened all the gifts, with so many laughs, we had "Show n' Tell".

These are the quilts that were brought in for us to see...

Everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas.  We all talked about memories, what we are making, party's and pageants to attend, and of course cookies!

Today I have 4 more letters to write to go with cards.  I sent all our cards out but these 4.  Since our relatives and friends live so far away, I write letters to go with each card.  A lot of the older relatives do not use internet.  

I also have lots more projects to finish up.  Moving right along, having fun and enjoying my Christmas music.  

Hope everyone is having fun.....


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