Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Red Work / Blue Work

Two years ago I had made my first Red Work quilt.  I wanted to make something different at the time so I had drawn a picture of quilting ladies all together quilting a top.  Each  of the ladies have different chairs, hats, dresses, etc.   Then I put two quilts hanging in the background.   I traced it carefully onto a white piece of fabric and embroidered every line.  Then I cut it to the size that I wanted and made different red and white squares and half triangles all around.   I then hand quilted it all around each seam.

Total size is 28" X 32" .

So this year I got the great idea to make a Blue Work Quilt for Christmas.  Oh, yeah, this would be fun.  I have been wanting to make more Red Work quilts but keep getting side tracked with so many other things to make.

Anyway, here is my drawing of  my Snowman:

I traced it carefully onto white fabric and I then used a dark blue thread and embroidered all of the lines.  Yeah...this is something that I could do sitting on my porch enjoying the fall leaves, and birds singing.  

Next, I squared the fabric to the size that I wanted and put a 2 inch, glittering blue snowflake fabric around the boarder to look like a frame.    

I quilted snowflakes all around the snowman and then did in the ditch around the boarder.  
The total size is:  16" X 16".

This was a lot of fun to make.  I can see me doing a lot more Red Work and Blue Work in the future.  Gee...Is there such a thing as Green Work, or Orange Work.....Why not!

Hay, HOLIDAY LANE BLOG HOP is approaching us real fast.  It is hard to believe how time goes so quickly.  Won't be long before Christmas is here.  So mark  your calenders  you don't want to miss this last hop of the year.   It starts on November 21st.  AND I will be blogging the first day.  

Till then.....


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Sheila said...

Love your Redwork & Bluework! I have seen Greenwork, and why not orange. I do enjoy doing Redwork, it something that you can sit and do and not have to think about "what color thread do I want to use".:) Thanks so much for sharing.

sew.darn.quilt said...

Your Red work is so sweet with those little ladies, heads all bent down to task and the lovely quilts in the background. As for the snowman, he's absolutely adorable.
I've seen somewhere, that there is all different coloured "work" and next to the red and blue i saw an amazing black or charcoal grey scene of a barn and fence line. It was outstanding and almost appeared as a pencil sketch or charcoal drawing. :)

Needled Mom said...

I love your red and bluework. They look fabulous.

Teresa Quilts said...

Both your redwork and your bluework are beautiful! I love those, and want to learn how to do it. A friend tried to teach me, but I can't get the hang of the stem stitch.

Jean Belle said...

Absolutely adorable snowman Jane! Love it!!

carla said...

Hi!!! I love both of them!!! I have read that you can do any color!!! I'm not sure about using more than one color at a time but I have done it and it was cute!!! I have just used the back stitch so not sure if that is proper either?!!! But fun and cute!!! So I do!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

Lynette said...

These are so cool!! I just love how each lady's chair is different. And the snowman is so very cheerful. :)

Kate said...

The blue is a great idea and I love your snowman.

Anonymous said...

Love your blue snowman!