Monday, November 19, 2012

A SnippetFact Award???

Has anyone ever heard of ??

I just got an e-mail and was told that I got a Quilt award from


I read that is a community built 'facts only' website, created to improve factual content on the web, and make a more trustworthy and fun resource to discover information, and improve intelligence.  So should I be excited??  

Please,  I would like some input here, what are your opinions on this??

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Anonymous said...

MooseStashb Quilting blog had a post a few days ago on this award. You might want to the comments from her followes? I don't know but knew I recently saw something about it. Hope it helps.

Teresa said...

On the surface, my first response is "great!" Then the skeptic in me rears its ugly head and says "who decides what's factual?" Hmmm.

Sparky said...

let us know when you are up ok for holiday lane