Friday, February 1, 2013

Recipe for Spray Starch and Winner Announced

I got a tip I thought you might like to hear.  Did you ever use Mary Ellen's Spray Starch?  It works great and oh, the fragrance is sooooo good!!

Well, I was given this recipe that is sooo similar to it, that it is unreal.  I want to share it with all my quilting friends.  It goes like this:

1  Cup Sta-Flo Liquid Starch
1  Cup Liquid Fabreeze  (any fragrance)

                      1 bottle of Sta Flo liquid

1  Cup Water

Mix it all together and put in a spray bottle.   WAH  LAH  You got it!

Now, it is time to announce my winner.  Missouri Star Quilt Shop was so kind to give me 6 great Fat Quarters to give to some lucky quilter, could it be you??

I had 111 comments (or entries)  So I went to and left it choose a winner for me.  Are you ready.........

It gave me.....

NO.  49...............Agnes B. Bullock

                      Corrine from Lost for Words!

You will be receiving an e-mail from me shortly confirming your winning.  Please respond within 4 days or I will have to pick another winner.  

I hope my tip has helped you.   Till next time.....


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ritainalaska said...

thanx for the recipe! will have to mix up a batch and give it a try!