Monday, February 11, 2013

A Wedding Wall Hanging

WOW, what a month so far!  I have been so busy (which is a good thing)  I didn't get to write for quite some time.

I do want to share a "Wedding Wall Hanging" with everyone.  I was sent a picture, not long ago, of a Wedding wall hanging and was asked it I could duplicate it.  It was very pretty with 2 doves and a ribbon joining them both the bride and groom.

Of Course! I started by going through my larger scrap box to see what fabrics I could use.


The boarder had different blocks all around.  Since she gave me the size, it made it a lot easier then guessing.  The center was a light blue for the sky and then green for grass, then it had different colored blocks all around for a boarder.

So my next step was to cut my center and make my blocks.  I made 40 -  2 1/2 inch blocks  (10 for each side)  I sewed them all onto the light blue fabric that I chose.   Then I drew all my applique to the proportions as they looked in the original quilt.

I cut them out and laid them onto the quilt where I wanted and pressed in place.   I carefully attached the ribbons to the doves before pressing them  The ribbons were twisted and then attached to each the bride and groom's hand.   That way the Steam-A-Seam that I used also kept the ribbon in place while I appliqued them down.

Next I worked on the Ribbon with the names and date.

Now that all the applique was where I wanted, pressed in place.  I machine sewed them on using an invisible thread and the blanket stitch.  That way it was not seen and did not take away from the applique.

I quilted around all the applique and in the ditch in the boarder.  When I fist started, I was not sure if it all looked right.  But after it was sewn on and quilted....I was very pleased.

Total size is 26" X 31 1/2"

The label on the back.....Why, it was short and sweet.  The customer asked for it to say one line.

"Wishing you all the Happiness and Love"

OK, On to my next project...........


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