Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our April Quilt Guild meeting

Today was a fun day at our Guild meeting.  We did something totally different this month.  We played a few quilt games together.  One of which was "Ugly Fabric".   That is when you bring in a yard of fabric that you do not like or left over from your stash.  Well we each brought in 4 fatquarters instead.  Then when we were done, we all went home with 4 different fatquarters.

I also printed out different word scramblers, crosswords, word search, etc. Puzzles for all to take along.

Oh, and our "Show and Tell"....well, we had some beautiful projects brought in.
I just had to share with you all.

Bette brought in a sweet Flannel  Baby Quilt she made.  Even her back was soft.

Another one of Bette's quilts.  Would you believe she does her quilting by a small antique Singer machine.  And to perfection I might add.

Gail shared with us her Flannel  Baby Quilt.
(Must be that time of year for babies.)

One of Shelby's Quilts. 

This is a Quilt that Pat's mother made before she was born.  She dyed tobacco pouches of her husbands.  We were told that these were the only two dyes that she could get at the time.  
Pat is over 80 years old.

Let's not forget Tillie's projects.  She said she was cleaning out some of her stash when she made them.

See, we sure had a lot of fun today.

"Have A Latte"
Hop starts Monday the 13th

I hope to see you all there.
Until then,