Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Storm at Sea

I made a different quilt this time,  with (what I feel) are neat colors.  I made the pattern, 
“Storm at Sea”.

 I had seen many different versions, colors, sizes, etc.  but none of these colors.  Guess I just wanted to be different.  Actually, just wanted to use some fabrics that I already had.

Next was to decided on how big I wanted to make my quilt.  I didn’t want to go to small, but did not want to make it a large bed quilt.  So,  I got my paper out and figured how big to make my blocks and how many I would need for the size that I wanted.  I actually ended up using all my fabric, making as many blocks as I could.

Next I cut my material out and made my blocks.  For this one I needed 25 small 4 inch squares, 16 large 7 ¾ inch squares, and  60  4 X 7 ¾ inch rectangles. 

After all my blocks were made, it was time to sew them all together. I sewed one row at a time, making all my rows, then sewed the rows together.  Last, I put a 4 inch boarder all around.  

I machine quilted an all over unique Feather like design, that look like the waves in the ocean.  I felt it showed up in the material nicely and was appropriat with the name of the quilt.   


The finished size is:    58 ½” X 58 ½”


Check my website gallery for more selections: http://janesquilting.com

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