Saturday, March 12, 2016

What or Who inspired you to start Quilting?

"What or Who inspired you to start Quilting?"

That was the program at our Guild meeting this week.   Each person was to bring in their first quilt they made (or what inspired them to quilt) and share their story.

Ah, what great stories we heard and what fun we all had reminiscing on the past.  While some of us had no one in their family that quilted, but always admired them.  But with family, work, etc.  they waited till they retired to start.  While others grew up with grandmother's and mother's that quilted and quilted with them all their lives.

Here are some of the quilts they brought in:

Linda Arant brought in a piece of her grandmother's quilt.  She said there was not much left because of so much wear and tear.  So a piece of it was framed.   She also brought in a picture of her grandmother with her favorite poem. 

Then Nancy Bigg, (our Vice President) brought in a stool which she had made:

She also shared this quilt she had made with a "Block of the Month club"

I must share one more with you.  This past December we elected a new president.   So each of us made a block and gave it to the president leaving office.  She made this quilt out of all the blocks.  (Check out the magnificent quilting she did)

I hope that you enjoyed seeing all the different quilts and I did not bore you too much.  

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"Quilt Qwazy Queens"
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SO....What or Who got you into quilting?