Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Mystery Quilt

Did you ever do a Mystery Quilt?   Perhaps tou joined in with a group of ladies you know, perhaps your guild, or even on a specific site?  Well I must say, they are a lot of fun.

Last year our Guild (here is West TN) did a mystery quilt together.   Snice it was our first, it was on the "easy" level.  It was called " Summer Breeze".

The first month I passed out a simple guideline to explain what we will be doing and the fabric needed.  It also explained how to cut your fabric.

Step two, we started to sew some squares together.

This was.mine:

Next, step 3...

Again mine:

Then step 4...

Again, mine:

Step 5...

And once again mine:
(The finished block)

Then for the last step, putting the blocks together.
As far as boarders, everyone was on their own.   They could go by pattern, make them wider, smaller, add 2, etc.

And here is mine, I decided to add appliqué flowers in my boarders.

Linda Arndt's:

Barbara Groeschell's:

Geneva Wright's


As you can see, we all had a lot of fun and did it in our own way.  
Why, some of the girls just gathered the pattern to make later.

Please, leave me a comment, I would love to hear about your Mystery Quilt. Would you be interested in starting a Mystery Quilt with me?

This year we are doing a block of the month.  I had drawn up a quilt that has 3 different site blocks to it.  Fun, Fun, Fun..
That is what it is all about, right?

Till next time,




Ocouss said...

I love mystery quilts. I think they make it really easy to use some of those fabrics that you have that go together and you have no idea how you want to use them.

Vicki H said...

I've done a mystery quilt that I liked and a couple that really didn't like at all. I like how you added the applique in the borders.