Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What a Ride!

What a Ride!   From our house to Hershey PA is aprox. 932 miles.  When we came home after the weddings we were all tired, relieved it all went well, and ready to go home to our own beds.  

As driving through Hershey, I did notice that they added quite a few new rides in their park since we were there last.
Including a large Roller Coaster that carries you upside down.

The Ferris Wheel is still at the same place. 

Unfortunately,  the traffic was heavy so my hubby took another route to Harrisburg.  I missed some good pictures but was told that next time we go to Hershey we will stop.

12 hours later, we were on the bypass around Nashville.

After driving all that time and through the night, some of us just couldn't stay awake no longer.

(This is Wayne, one on our son's friends that came along back to visit.  We teased him cause he couldn't wait to see Nashville and here he is sound asleep.)

All went good.  We were all glad to be home and in our own beds that night.

Wayne got to visit all around West TN for the rest of the week.  Then the day before he flew home they went to Nashville.  From what we were told, they had a blast.

Vincent playing his harmonica with another guy while waiting to get in the "Wildhorse Saloon".

Not sure which Honky Tonk they are singing in here.

My husband and I sat this one out...I got caught up on wash, putting everything away and he did yard work.  Then just kinda recovered from the trip and all the relatives,  lol.

Now, time to get back to quilting.  I was being teased that I was going through withdrawal,  :)

Till next time,



Carla said...

Road trips are fun but it is always great to be home. Looks like it was a good and safe trip home. It's funny your son's friend slept through Nashville...

Ale jc said...

love road trips..we are heading to nashville very soon....I can guarantee, my eyes will be open ...great pics Jane

Farm Quilter said...

Glad your wedding went well and your trip was uneventful!! My daughter's wedding (around the same time as yours) was great (only about 850 miles away for me)and I just got home yesterday! Love the snoozer in the back seat - I just traveled with 2 dogs!!!