Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mothers Day - Say it with Batiks

First and formost....I want to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS our there.  It is their day to shine.  And if you ask me....they should have more than one day to be reconized for all they have done for us!!!

I am very proud of my mother.  She worked very hard all her life. She is the youngest of  a family of 6 sisters and 8 brothers. Grew up during the depression.  Her father left her mother before she was born never to be seen again.  So her mother raised them all herself.   She is now. the only one left of her family, and is  88 years young (has all the average ailments an 88 does) but she is a fighter and doing good.


"Thank you so much mom,
 for everything you have done for me."  

                            Thank you Graphics

I know it has been a long time since I had posted anything.  I have been so busy around here to say the least.  May is a very big month for me.  It was always the month that I have mu fun walking in the greenhouses, picking flowers for my beds and to put on my porch.  I love my flowers and flower beds.  I always have a wide array of flowers around here. (from Roses to Petunias, oh, and a garden.  Love my tomatoes)  Then there are 4 birthday's this month in my family, besides mine.  And 3 anniversaries.  (including our 39th Anniversary)   Then there is Mothers day.  Well, that is actually an easy one.  See, we live in TN and both of our mothers are in PA.  They are in need of anything and neither care for flowers, so we order them a pizza.  They both love it.  They don't have to cook and we get their favorite toppings on.  And is something they look forward to.

                                          2 Large 14" Pizzas

Oh, could I eat a slice about now.  See, they have pizza down here but not at all what we are use to.

Our Anniversary....Well that is to be determined as to what we will do.  Every year for 38 years, he has gotten me red roses.  So, I know I will get them but as to where we will go.  I do not know as of yet.  He always surprises me.  But I do know we will have fun.

Anyway.....before this month began, I had gotten lots of Batik fabrics.  Some we exchanged in our quilt guild last year and some I just, well, guess you could say I horded it though time, lol.  I took a picture of this quilt a long time ago, but it was made of Greens and Golds.  I am so sorry that I did not get to write the designer down.  I do hope they forgive me.  Anyway, I made it in my Batiks, plus added a little twist to the stepping blocks..

It was mostly done with 2 1/2 inch HST;s and 2 1/2 inch squares added on to 2 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch strips.

It was easy to make..
I did an all over feather design on it.

                                This is suppose to show the quilting done on the back.  But I don't know if it is the camera, me or my glasses.  I don't think it showed up well at all.

And here it is:   

Total size is 70 1/2 " X 80"

OK, I am off to another party this afternoon, and also have 2 quilts in the making.....Never a dull moment in this house.

Till later,


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Mara said...

Beautiful job on the quilt, it is stunning! Sounds like you have a very busy month and I sure would like a slice of that Pizza.

Joyce Carter said...

The quilt is so beautiful, Jane, and you did a wonderful job. The quilting is fantastic.
The pizza looks delicious! I wouldn't mind getting one of those for Mother's Day. I hope you have a great one!

Carol S. said...

Your quilt is so beautiful! I love the quilting, too! I hope you have a great Mother's Day. :O)