Monday, March 3, 2014

Ready for Ruffles???

Oh, what a busy week!  I only got 3 quilts that I am working on. (but I am not complaining)   I love keeping busy.

Last year some of our Quilt Guild members decided to swap 10 inch blocks of batik fabrics.  Each month we did a different color, and would bring one for each that joined in. (January, Red - February, Purple, etc)   Well, I ended up with...A LOT!      I decided to do something different with some.  I made 13 different log cabin blocks:

And 13 Dresden blocks....Which I am still hand sewing.  

They actually look better together than you think.  But is is still in the making, I got sidetracked so many times.   But it is good to have some hand sewing again.

I will show it when finished, honest.  

I also cut out another quilt that I made with the batik fabrics.  But that one is also still on the cutting table and being sewed together.


Think Ruffles.....

This week starts the Ruffles hop.....
So I am now concentrating on my creation.   

Come join us all.....
 For the full schedule go to Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy  

Here is the first day's schedule:

March 5th

Hope to see you all there...

Wait till you see what I made!!

Till then....


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Terri Ann @ said...

A Dresden flower is one of those things that has been on my list of "to try" forever. Can't wait to see your ruffle project!