Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day After Black Friday

Day after Black Friday....  What did you do Black Friday?  I used to go shopping years ago. I would read the sales items in the newspaper after the dishes were done on Thanksgiving day.   Back when the stores opened at 6 or 7 am.  (cause you would not think of going on Thanksgiving day, that was a family holiday to give Thanks) When you  could actually be an hour late still get the free gift they offered and find what you were after.  When everyone would say "Excuse Me", "Thank You".    Gee, what happened to those days??

Now, I sit at home, put on my Christmas music and get out all my Christmas decorations.  Then eat lots of leftovers. (am I getting old or what?)  AS FAR AS "CYBER SATURDAY".....  I  will check out a few things out.  I am finding though, that you must watch.  They are not all real sales but items that were marked up and then put on sale to look like a bargain.  I found through the years that the closer to Christmas sometimes the better deals come out.    I have been making most of my gifts.  I love making my own gifts.  I was brought up that the gifts you make are more from the heart.   I started a few months back.  I made quilts, table toppers, wall hangings,  etc.

I have also been making mug rugs.  I made a few special ones.  My cousin love Hummingbirds, so I did this:

Oh, and Candle mats:  My friend loves Angels

Sometimes the little things can be a lot of fun to make.  

I am now working on a Snowman wall hanging.  Oh what fun....

Now I know everyone is very busy, including myself.  
I do want to let everyone know who won my EQ  Quilting designs.

FIRST I want everyone to know that I do go to to pick 
the winners of ALL my giveaways.  I put the number of comments in (I count them all)
and what it comes up with, is who I announce.  
That being said......

WINNER IS:    MARY ANN from Wisconsin

You will be receiving an e-mail from me shortly confirming your winnings.  

Now, back to quilting.  I have lots more to do.  I just got a call to make a Mickey Mouse quilt. Some little girl is going to cuddle in Mickey and Minnie Mouse this Christmas.  

So, be safe everyone out there, remember that a smile is contagious and lets keep the Love in our Hearts all Season in all we do. 


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Barb Neiwert said...

I agree that a handmade gift is a gift from the heart! I, too, avoid Black Friday shopping - it takes a younger, more energetic soul than I to tackle that monster. Happy holidays!