Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Purrfect Pin Cushions

I made the Purrfect Pin Cushions today.  I seen the article in a magazine by Desiree Habicht.  They were too cute not to make.

All you need is your fabric, ruler, scissors, (Oh, and don't forget the stuffing.....)

After I gathered all that I thought I would need....I stuffed my head (ball) first.

Then my muzzle and attached it to the head (ball).

I wrapped embroider thread around and found a cute button that matched.  It had to have a nose!  Then I sewed the ears on, then eyes, and added a Pink Bow.

Isn't it cute??

BUT WAIT!!!   Why stop with just a cat!   I had to make a DOG too.

It was a nice little brake from quilting.  I have been really busy lately, but not complaining.  These little guys were a lot of fun to make and so easy too.   

OK,   Now on to my next quilt.........


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