Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friendship Rings

Check out my Friendship Ring quilt.  I found a picture in a magazine which was made using pastel colors.  I just had to make one but I made mine in brighter Bali fabric.

It looks a lot more complicated to make than it is.  I had a lot of fun putting these colors together.  I used a total of  56 - 8 ½ inch blocks.   ( 28 of each size)

When finished, I machine quilted it with a stipple pattern all over and hand stitched the binding on.  Total size is:   67 ½” X  76 ½”.

OK, off to my next project, whatever that may be…………..


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Vic in NH said...

You did a fine job on making Nancy McNally's design from Fon's & Porter's Easy Quilts presents Scrap Quilts. Please give credit to the designer.

Jane's Quilting said...

You are so right,I am sorry for not giving her recognition. My problem was that I seen the magazine at the doctors office and could not remember the name of the magazine, much less the designer. I will try to be more careful next time.

Nancy quiltin' momma said...

THanks Jane for giving me credit!! I love this quilt! Everytime I see it I want to make another one....but I think I will pass, lol...happy quilting!

Anonymous said...

I think your quilt looks more like the original than you want others to believe.I don't see pastels colors in the original. Here is a link you can copy and paste to compare the quilts. you should have stated from the start this was a copy.